This is my first blog so I will begin with myself. I am a mother of two kids. I am currently on a visit to Riyadh and staying with my daughter. I love it here. I like the Arabs. People around the world are so misguided about them. I like the way they dress irrespective of whether they are rich or poor. The women are in abayas and have their faces covered. I wish I could do the same. I will continue with the abaya when I go back to my country, insha’Allah. I am used to wearing a chador partly hiding my face but I have found that wearing an abaya covers you more. Plus, an abaya leaves your hands free and you are not fiddling all the time trying to cover yourself properly. I am trying to learn Arabic. It is simply beautiful. My teacher with whom I study the Quran in-depth once said, “It’s the language of Jannah”. Here is a picture of where I am staying.


3 thoughts on “Beginning”

  1. May I ask you where you are from originally? I mean which country?

    P.S I personally like to take a beautiful Chadar to cover my body but yeah you are right It does take a lot of fiddling around.
    And I like how a fashionable abayas are in. You can be a little fashionable but follow Allah’s order too.

    I’m loving your blog!


    1. Thank you for liking my blog, I love yours too.
      I am a Pathan from Charsadda, Pakistan. I live now with my son in Houston, Texas.
      I love abayas. I always wore a chadder. My daughter lives in Riyadh. If you visit Riyadh you have to wear a black abaya, that’s how I took to wearing an abaya. I found it very comfortable. I had a terrible experience while going to Newark. You can read about in one of my August blogs, probably it is written in the first week. I will start wearing it again in Pakistan. I wear a scarf here.


      1. O waoo…so you must know how to speak pashtoo as well?!
        How long have you been living in Texas?

        yeah, I’ve heard its mandatory for women to wear abaya everywhere in Saudi arabia.
        Can you please copy paste a link to your that post in the next comment, if its not that of a problem for you?!


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