Che, Here I Come!

My hair is in pretty bad shape nowadays. I am waiting for Che, till I reach her to get a good hair cut. She is still far away. Personally, I prefer a basic hair cut which does not require any maintenance. Just a flick of a comb and you are done with it. I hate spending time in front of a mirror styling hair.

Most of the time I am living in Peshawar, Pakistan. For the past fifteen years, I used to go to Sophie for a hair cut. I would go to her after three months or so and my hair would still look nice. She sort of realized that I went to her after a longer period. She started giving me a hair cut which lasted only twenty days or so. I would start looking like a moron at the end of the said period. Another downside to it was that my hair got shorter and shorter. To look good I had to visit her.

Then one day she went too far with my hair. There are no words to describe it. In plain words, it was just terrible. I was horrified when I looked into the mirror. To this day, I have not gone back to her. I hid from my husband beneath a cap for two months. I was lucky that it was exceptionally cold that winter, otherwise my husband would have cracked a multitude of jokes at my expense.

3 thoughts on “Che, Here I Come!”

  1. This reminds of the time when I had gotten pretty much a man’s haircut at a pricey beauty salon – and it had still cost me $30 to get. I should have just gone to a $10 barber shop. Everyone I knew who saw me were horrified because my hair was completely shaven off, after it used to be waist-length. In order to grow it out (looks crazy at mid-length and just sticks out), I had basically moved to another place. A bad haircut – I feel ya!

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    1. Getting a good haircut has long become a thing of the past. Every time I go I am always left wondering was it worth the amount I spent?
      I have tried cutting my own hair, but it’s next to impossible. Back and sides are difficult to manage.


      1. I agree with you. Just about every time I go to the salon, I’m unsatisfied. A stylist who actually does what one wants is tough to find. My sister was able to find one finally, in LA. My hair’s a wreck because I cut it myself, but I always tie it up anyways. Snipping away is fun, I have to say!

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