African Grey Parrot
African Grey Parrot

Last night we had dinner with a friend of my son. His friends are really, very nice. Since they know, that I am staying with him, I am included in their invites. I had a most amazing experience. I saw an African grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus) up close. Up till now, I had only seen it in pictures. This one was named Lucky. He kept following Aminah. (The lady of the house) I was sitting near her. Lucky came, and stood near my feet. I was afraid of his pecking on my foot. He only wanted attention from Aminah. She said that it was very much attached to her, and keeps following her around the house. He was not talking in front of us, but when guests are not there, he talks nineteen to a dozen. It was lovely watching their interaction.

I am tempted to have one like Lucky. Maybe if I settled here, I might try to have one. It’s life span is long, sixty to ninety years. I won’t be afraid of it dying, and leaving me. It makes a great pet. Although I may be the one, leaving it behind when the time comes.

A few years back, my husband and I found a Cockatiel, outside on our verandah. It was early February and very cold. Honey brought it inside. For a month, he nursed the bird, dressing it’s slight cuts and feeding. Honey asked me, wether I would like to keep it. Somehow, the idea of keeping a bird in a cage is repugnant to me. So, we released the Cockatiel, once it had recovered it’s strength. We took it to the terrace, and waved goodbye. 😢

One thought on “Lucky”

  1. It’s so nice that you nursed the ‘tiel! I hate the idea of birds spending too much time in cages, too, but just in case you ever find one again, the best thing to do is turn it into a rescue or shelter, as they simply can’t survive in the wild – not captive-bred ones, at least. That’s sort of where the question comes in: should parrots be pets? I personally decide that answer is no, but captive parrots already exist and need homes, so I give myself the task of adopting those as I can and doing my best to give them stable lives. It’s no easy feat owning birds, haha. They are TERRIBLE pets (but I love them nevertheless!). Very complicated, one and all…

    Greys are such amazing creatures, but the species most likely to pluck and scream. They are like autistic children, hating to leave their routines – and, indeed, mutilating themselves when that inevitably happens! For instance, its owners passing away would destroy it, as they so hate change. I digress – this is an issue I’m passionate about, as you can see! If getting a bird were ever a consideration for you, I’d always recommend volunteering at an avian rescue, as that is the best way to see what the bad stuff is like! And believe me, it can sometimes be a proper nightmare.



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