When I first started cooking, I didn’t know how to boil an egg, or make tea even. With the passage of time, I learnt the basics. It was difficult going in those days. There was no PC at your beck and call and no Internet. It’s easy now. With the touch of your fingertips it is touch and go. You have all the world’s recipes before you to choose from. The only drawback is that you may not have the ingredients available in your part of the world.

Once my granddaughter M3 sent me a recipe for cheesecake. Although she is young, she is marvelous at baking. She and M2 take care at home, regarding any thing to be baked. Since there are many occasions when the need arises, together they save a lot of expenditure for their mama.😋

I went searching for graham’s crackers and cream cheese. I didn’t find them. I wrote to M3. Back came the recipe to make cheesecake. 👍 M3. She does shares her recipes with me (I am honored), but at the same time she vows me to secrecy. So, my lips remain sealed. 😑


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