Everything Changes

I have come to New York for sightseeing. I am with my daughter and her family. We drove from Newark where we are currently staying. Having parked our vehicle we were walking down Times Square, suddenly a folded paper flutters down right in front of me. I pick it up. As I glance at it, the sight of the first initial of my name gives me a jolt. “S, you are going to die today.”

The blood drains from my face. Automatically I look right and left but people are passing by without a look in my direction. Ahead, my daughter is looking back at me perplexedly, as to why I am not moving. I moisten my lips and hurriedly join her. She takes my hand and asks me worriedly, “Are you okay?” I shake my head and try to smile at her through pale lips. “Yes, I am alright.”

I am thinking, “Was this paper meant for me or for someone else?” Since my initial is on it, I feel like it was meant for me. I decide not to say anything to my daughter so that she is not alarmed. I don’t want to take the fun and joy out of the day’s outing from her. Inside I am shaking with fright at the thought of dying. My life has changed in those few moments. “My end is nearer and I will be lying in a grave,” the thought is giving me chills.

The whole day passed in a blur for me. I didn’t enjoy it one bit. In my heart I was continually praying to God for His Mercy. I was asking for Forgiveness for any misdeeds I may have done. Before sleeping I hugged and kissed my daughter and asked for forgiveness from her. She was immediately alarmed and asked whether I was okay. I tried to reassure her and said, “Just in case I am no longer alive tomorrow.” She panicked and said, “No Mama, nothing is going to happen to you.” She hugged me fiercely and held me.

I went to bed convinced of an impending death, but morning comes and there I am, still alive. I give a silent prayer of thanks to my Creator. I still think to this day, that the paper must have been a death threat to a person with the same initial as myself, and whether that person is dead now.

In response to Daily Prompt.Everything Changes

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