I was flabbergasted when I got the call, “Would I be interested in a movie?” My children thought it was a big joke. They were laughing their heads off thinking of their “Ancient” mama. They were firmly convinced that their mother has finally gone off her rocker. What a shame! What is their mother thinking off? Old as a bat and wanting to become a star. It’s time for the trip to a Psychologist.

They kept on whispering behind my back. I showed I didn’t care what they thought. Anyway they didn’t think for one moment to ask me, “What was the role of my character.” It was a mother role and my son was being portrayed by Zac Efron.

The role was all about me I mean the mother. The story revolved around her. The movie was based on an actual story of a mother’s sacrifices.

After a year slogging finally the movie was made. The day it opened across the country, it grossed millions and now I am a Superstar. WOW.

I am having the time of my life in Malibu.


I drive around in a Porsche.


I am headed for a nomination for an Oscar. Super Cool! Isn’t it? Never in my wildest dreams I had thought that I will have a life like this. Exciting!

That’s my life story. Except it isn’t and here I am sitting and wrote this stuff on my iPad. This is all fantasy.

All Images: Internet.

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