Name that…You


My first name means, “Gentle Morning Breeze.” You step outside on your lawn very early in the morning, and a light cool breeze is blowing full of smell of flowers. It’s evocative. The smell invigorates you. There is dew on the grass. Suddenly you feel refreshed.

The name was given to me by my father. I feel embarrassed at admitting, that during my growing up stage, I hated my name. I tried my best to make my father change it. You couldn’t budge him. I did try tears…bucket full…no result.😭
Hunger strike….still no.
Tried smiles and wiles….no, no, no.
Tried talking, was father’s favorite child.
End result……….no change.
You could even budge a boulder, but not my father.

Finally I gave up.

The middle name given to me by father means, “Flower.”
I liked this one. My father used both together and the names were used as one.

I use now both the names on my blog, making them plural as Flowers and Breezes. My father would have been tickled, had he been alive by now. He died at age forty eight.

My elder brother gave my first name a further twist by only saying the first letter of my name SHEEN as in Urdu and the last letter MEEM as in Urdu.
So that name I too use as SheenMeem. Please do read a previous post of mine, Call Me Sheen.

I didn’t like my name so I can’t say, whether it suits me or not.
I think the name do have a bearing on a child. I am a shy, introvert kind of person, always looking for places to hide. People naming a child should be careful in choosing names.

I have two children. Around them my life revolves.

My son’s name was chosen by my husband. It means a Bright Star. He is bright and funny but shy like me.

My daughter’s name was chosen by my husband’s mother. It has two meanings….Pious and Clean. It suits her perfectly right down to her toes. She is pious and she is clean…..(aside…to my daughter, “Don’t get mad at me.”) She cleans everything in sight and tires herself to death. She puts the blame squarely on my weary shoulders for her cleanliness genes.
She says, “Mama I hold you responsible for making me tired.” As if I am there every day at her doorsteps and forcing her to do all that she does. 😊 that…You
Photos credit: Google.

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