If my day to day responsibilities are taken care of and I have enough money I would try to set up an Orphanage for needy children. It will require a lot of work. I am a novice, so I will have to learn how to make it work. I will start with young kids. Moulding young minds will be easy for me. Grown up kids have a mind of their own. I will have to make sure that I admit genuine recipients, and not those kids dumped by parents who want to shelve their responsibilities.

I will name this Orphanage in my husband’s name. It will be a Sadqa Jariya for my husband. Sadqa Jariya means Charity which continues even when you are no longer alive. There are good deeds which continue when a person dies.

The second option will be to award two or three Scholarships to deserving students to continue their studies. While giving the Scholarships I will make it binding upon those who get them, that they will help two students when they are able to do so.

The third option for me in my present condition is to visit cancer patients in hospitals. Spending time and taking small gifts for them is in my mind. The one and a half year my husband suffered from stomach cancer is still fresh in front of me. I hope to do so in my spare time.

Below are cartoons. Thanks to Google.




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