Visit to Dallas

A day before, we travelled to Dallas. My son had to attend a conference and not wanting to stay alone, my grandchildren and I came along with him. We are staying at Springhill Suites and straight ahead is the Dallas World Aquarium. Yesterday the kids and I, we were on our own. The younger two and I, left the elder one to his studies. The middle one, Sn did whisper to me, “He is not studying, he is playing games on his laptop.” I ignored it as H didn’t want to come with us.

We didn’t wait for the shuttle to take us, so we crossed over to the Mall on foot. This Mall also houses Legoland. Actually the younger one wanted to visit Legoland, but there was a rush of people and the tickets they were giving were for 5pm. Instead I bought the tickets for the Aquarium.





Sn is pressing a Star Fish with a finger.

After having lunch the kids wanted to go to the swimming pool. Although I was tired, I went along with them to keep an eye. I did well to accompany them, as later on they were hitting each other with towels, and I B being tired started crying.

I use my iPad for taking photos, but yesterday I also used my old Kodak for taking pictures. I can’t use those pictures because the cables for connecting are back home in Peshawar. I forgot to bring them as usual.

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