Daily Prompt: Toy Story
What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your favorite childhood toy? Show Memento.

Memento takes me back to a life in the past, which I forgot. Through blurred memory an image of a top surfaces. It was a rather large one, and gaily painted with vibrant colors. I used to spin it quite frequently. Where it went? I don’t remember.

If I think back, with mother gone to another dimension, the top disappeared from my life.

The second toy I remember, was a doll. A ten inches high doll. I would carry it with me, when I would come back from school. It came along with me, when I would climb trees in the garden at the back of our home. Probably it liked to sit with me on high branches. It would be sitting on my lap, when I would sit on the swing. My father had put up a swing for me, which hung from a sturdy branch. When I wanted to swing higher, my doll preferred to lay down on the grass and take a nap.

Alas! Her end days came sooner than I expected. I didn’t perceive what my doll was going to face. My elder uncle and his family came to spend summer vacation with us. My cousin RA, (only God knows) what possessed him?
My doll was lying on my bed. Poor thing! She met a horrible end at RA’s hands. Her limbs were broken and face smashed. Must have done it with an evil glee. I cried rivers of tears at the sad demise of my doll. 😭. Sobbing, I buried her at the far end of our garden.

There is no connection between my life then and now.

I did make many toys for my children to play with. I am only going to mention two of them. I made a four and a half foot clown for my daughter. My daughter is a PhD in Bio Medical Engineering, but funny to say, she kept that clown by her bedside in a chair, till she got married. At night she would cover it up. In winters, she would wrap the clown with her cardigan or shawl so that it won’t feel any cold.

For my son, I made a large elephant cushion. It’s tie was always askew, cause it was thrown quite a bit, here and there. It stayed with him, till he also got married. Thank God, he doesn’t read my blog. I am really too chicken hearted, to face his wrath. 😐
Images: Thanks to Google.

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