Friends And Why I Don’t Need Them

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Please listen to Tim McGraw song, “You are my best friend.”

I have a different intake on that. Please don’t be misled by the word friend. It’s a commodity which is rare and difficult to find. You must have heard or read, “If you have a friend, you don’t need an enemy.”

Now I will come to the plural word friends. Friends are family you choose. They are the ones you need.
1. When you need help.
2. To console you, when you are unhappy.
3. To feel happy with.
4. To natter and chatter.
5. To share news.
7. And to be there for them when they need all those things.

My grey hair has taught me.

1. Friends are fickle beings.
2. When you really need their help, they don’t help. They may have repeated many times,
“Call me, if you need help.”
When you need them, they will have the perfect excuse.
3. If you tell them your secret. That secret will be known to everyone, besides the gullible you.
4. While they are consoling you in your hour of anguish, the thought uppermost in their mind will be, “Silly bi……it’s all her own doing.” Or
“She brought it upon herself.”

See, what are their thoughts!
5. You will think they are sharing your good fortune, while they will think, “I deserved it more than her.”
6. Okay to chatting, but beware no divulging your secrets. They are secrets till you tell them.
7. Sharing your good news will only bring on envy.
8. You can be there for them, but don’t expect anything in return.

The lesson learnt by me is, “No matter how much I care, friends don’t care back……..and it’s not the end of the world.” And Why I Don’t Need Them

8 thoughts on “Friends And Why I Don’t Need Them”

  1. I cannot even imagine what you have been through with you losing your husband to stomach cancer. I agree with your views on ‘friends’. I have also expressed my views in my blog ‘You win some, you lose some’.


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