My Precious Nose

Daily Prompt: Super Sensitive

If you are forced to give up one sense, but gain super – sensivity in another, which sense would you choose? Show Sensitive.

The five senses all humans have are sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Some people have the sixth sense, which is called the kinesthetic sense.

My sense of smell is pretty weird.

Let me explain.

I suffer from sensitivity to dust and allergens in the air. If there is dust or any such thing, I start sneezing. My nose starts running. At moments like these I become desperate.

Desperate about what?

I quickly exhaust tissues which normally I carry around, and desperately start looking for a supply of further tissues. In the meantime I keep sneezing, and my precious nose drips like a tap turned fully opened. It is a must for me to carry a wad of tissues, not knowing when the dam will burst open.

I had a round of vaccines, medicine and other remedies told by helpful relatives and friends. The vaccines helped the first time, but other doses failed. Taking Anti Histamines made me dopey. Other than making me sleep all the time, when I stopped taking them the full works returned. I gave up and started having copious amounts of Green Tea and honey, as per advices of my well wishers. This amounted in failure too.

I do have a problem. Most of the time I am breathing through my mouth, as the nose I am blessed with, clogs over. I am sipping alarming amounts of water to slake my thirsty throat. The funny thing is, if there is a bad smell, the nose sort of wakes up from it’s slumber and it starts working.

My husband, the eternal joker he was, liked to joke about my nose. He would wave his dirty socks or his sport shirts, drenched with sweat in front of my face, and I would be trying to escape the dreadful smell.

So, if I give up my sense of smell, I would crave the sixth sense. It will be a wonderful ability to sense things before they happen. I would love it, if my sixth sense becomes super sensitive. My sixth sense works to a certain degree. Like before anything happens, I have a dream. When I get up in the morning, I do get a vague feeling that something has happened or is going to happen.

Imagine if I could sense things about other people, won’t I become a famous person? People would come to me for help.

Aspirations aside, I am perfectly happy as I am, and thankful to God.

20130916-111250.jpg Precious Nose

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