No Way To Hide

Daily Prompt: Naked with Black Socks
Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide in the bathroom? Why? Show Public.

I am a shy person. Even the thought of speaking in public brings on claustrophobic feelings. There have been occasions in my life where I could not avoid them. I could not expect sympathy from my husband. His reasoning was, “When you can speak to me, and say anything you like, why can’t you speak in front of people?” Believe me, at moments like those, I wished myself zillion miles away.

It would feel like hell had broken loose around me. With shaky, tottering steps, I would approach the podium. I felt like a sheep going to the Altar of Sacrifice. There would be no escape in sight. A terrible calamity, you can say.

Was the earth going to shake, the way I was shaking inside me? People looking at me could never imagine the turmoil I was going through. My cheeks which normally looked pale would rival the color of Hibiscus flower.

I would be taking huge gulps of air to steady my galloping heart, which normally trots at an even space. Now my heart would increase its pace to the speed of a sports car. The ringing in my ears would reach a crescendo. Beads of perspiration on my forehead would form into tiny rivulets, cascading down my face. I think I could have easily filled a bathtub with them.

Once started, I would sneak glances at people expecting disaster. Relief would fill my heart when my ordeals ended. 😕. Bravo! To the poor soul, that’s me. Don’t you agree?

No Way To Hide

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