A Role Model To Follow

Daily Prompt: We Can Be Taught!
What makes a teacher great? Show Greatness.

Greatness is when you live in your student’s memory for eternity. A teacher is the most important person in a student’s life after his or her parents. In many cases a teacher is more important than the parent even. A teacher makes tremendous contribution to a student’s life.

A student spends more time in school than with parents. A good teacher is a role model for a student. Teaching is a work of heart. A teacher imparts knowledge and creativity to a student. A good teacher is idolized by a student. I remember, I was telling my child to do something in a certain way and she insisted on doing it some other way. She was following her teacher’s way. She told me in no uncertain terms, “Mama, you have got it wrong.”

In my heart I will always remember my English teacher Mrs GS. She was my teacher from 5th Grade onwards. She took deep interest in each and every student of her class. She would encourage us in our studies. During tests she would tell us, “Do those questions first which you know best.” That way we wouldn’t agonize over hard questions and time which was crucial wasn’t wasted.

I have adapted this strategy to my everyday life. I always do the easy work first and tackle that work later on which is difficult or I don’t feel like doing. That way I do get a lot of work done.

Thanks Mrs GS. Your memory lives on.
A Role Model To Follow
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