Getting Ready

Daily Prompt: Non Sequitur
Write a post about anything you like, but be sure to include somewhere in the final paragraph:
“He tried to hit me with a forklift!”
Show a Non Sequitur.

It was getting late. I was trying to get ready for a wedding reception. The time the hosts had given was 8.00pm. The watch’s minute hand was inching towards five past eight. My husband’s patience was wearing thin. For the life of me I still don’t understand how time runs away from me. Why I can’t be on time?

I was getting terribly flustered. Sweat had started glistening on my forehead in the month of December. For the umpteenth time I searched for my black beaded clutch to go with the dress I was wearing. I badly needed the clutch to materialize in front of me.

Oh God! Where is it?

Let me search for my black sandals.

Diving into my closet.

Now where are those God Forsaken sandals?

Pushing the various foot wears aside, “Where are those black ones?”

Finally achieving victory I have located the errant black ones. I thrust my feet into them and feel more perspiration sprouting out. I now start looking for my clutch. Dear Heavens, where is it?

The voice of my husband comes booming through the closed door of my bedroom, “If you are not coming out this minute, I AM LEAVING.”

Fighting panic I abandon my search and pick up another evening bag to match my clothes. I take a last look before leaving and there is the errant clutch, reclining on my pillows. I hastily stuff my cellphone and keys into it. As an after thought I also pick the nail polish I had intended for my nails. “No matter who is looking askance at me at the reception, I will put it there on my nails,” is my thought.

My husband’s face looks Thunderous. I am quacking inside, but on the outside I gave him a matching glare and open the outside door to leave.

“Whew,” I finally made it to the car. I shut my ears to my husband’s Grumblings.

I get out of the car after arriving and head towards the entrance. The doorman, “He tried to hit me with a forklift,” instead that he should open the door for me, I duck and enter.
Getting Ready

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