Learning In Life Goes On

Daily Prompt: Ebb and Flow
Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog but three years in the future. Show LIFE.

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I am trying to imagine. It’s failing. I am delving straight to earth.

Three years from now, I don’t know whether I will be alive or not.
One thing I am sure is of getting more wrinkles on my face. Like this:

My writings may get better. Let’s HOPE so. I started writing this year in February, at the behest of my daughter. She was the one to encourage me. I wouldn’t have written one word even. You do need someone at your back, but she is far away from me.

Writing is like driving. When you drive more, your driving improves. I am hoping with more writing, it will improve. I will keep on SCRAMBLING.

I may learn to draw better and better photos too.

Better poetry too.

Learning in life goes on.

Here is to a better blog in the year 2016.

Life is a mystery, one doesn’t know
What lies ahead, would love the info
Echoes from the past, will follow
Hoping for the best, what life will bestow

Image Credit: Google
Learning In Life Goes On

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