Do I Love Clothes?

Daily Prompt: The Clothes (May) Make The (Wo) man
How important are clothes to you? Describe your style. If you have one, tell how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself. Show STYLE.

Whenever I watch National Geographic and see naked people in jungles, I feel lucky and blessed in having clothes to wear. I give thanks to God that I am not one them. I appreciate what I have. Clothes and manners do not make a person, but they do improve appearances. I don’t think you can deny this?

Clothes protect you from the elements. The harmful sun rays in summer and cold in winter. Clothes announce you to the world who you are. If you are dressed in shabby clothes, people don’t respect you.

Buying new clothes does take a lot of consideration. You require money first of all to spurge on new clothes. The other thing required is time to look around. You need patience, lots of it. What you are seeking and you find it you are pleased beyond any doubt.

I must confess clothes are my weakness too. I do love to add to my existing wardrobe. Good clothes enhance your personality and build up your confidence. My favorite colors are blue, green, white and grey. I love clothes in cotton more than in silky material. My criteria for buying is if I look good in it, the color suits me I buy it. I stifle my heart pangs at the cost of it.

Good clothes makes you feel better. Wearing them you are ready to conquer the world. People tend to get impressed by what you wear.

I love getting new clothes. There is a huge drawback. The one thing I dislike about myself is, I keep on hanging onto my old ones. It is sheer torture and combine with it the mental agony I go through, I can’t get rid of my old clothes. It seems I am parting with good friends. There is the matter of space in the closet too. If I don’t part with the old ones, how can I get new ones? See this is a big dilemma for me.

Hello Everyone. Don’t you love getting a new wardrobe? A Happy Sigh……I am not alone.

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Do I Love Clothes?

10 thoughts on “Do I Love Clothes?”

  1. I can’t tell you how old some of the clothes I still have are. I’m not sure why it’s so hard to let them go. Maybe they hold memories? I don’t know. Love cotton outfits too. Enjoyed this post, made me think about how clothes are such a big part of our culture.


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