To Start My Day

Weekly Photo Challenge: Show a photo that says GOOD MORNING.

My alarm clock rings and wakes me up. I stop the ringing trying to shoo away further sleep. GET UP. I admonish myself over my laziness. I HAVE to wake up.

I flick the comforter away and thrust my feet into the slippers. The next step is my mad DASH to the bathroom. If I don’t rush to the bathroom this next minute, my dear, sweet grandson H will HOG the bathroom for the next thirty five minutes. That will be an awful long wait for me.

“Good Morning,” the first part of my DAY is beginning.

I do my Wadu (Ablution), which is a must for saying my morning prayers called FAJR Prayers.

There I am standing in front of GOD. The prayer mat lies in the direction of KAABA, which is in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


Wherever you are in the world with the help of your compass you know the direction to face. I have recited my prayers in the privacy of my bedroom. There is no one to stop me from a meeting with my CREATOR. I don’t have to go anywhere to meet him.

God is Kind. God is Merciful. God is Great.

I peruse my beloved Book, “The Holy Quran.”

I can now go back to bed and sleep till eight or nine, whatever I feel like. When I wake up the second time I will be having my morning cup of tea.
To Start My Day

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