A Sigh Of Relief

Daily Prompt: Exhale
Tell about a time when everything seemed to be going wrong- and suddenly you knew it would be allright. Show SAFETY.

I can write about my various operations specially the last one I had in May 2012. I don’t want Viewers going through my harrowing details, so I am opting to write about a thorn in my finger. What a petty thing! Believe me when you get spiked by a thorn, it is painful.

I love pottering among my lovely plants. They are precious to me. To me they seem, “God’s Gifts.”

There was a time when I used to keep Cactus plants. They do look lovely. The flowers are exquisite.



They don’t need much watering. If you go away for a period of say four to five days, you don’t worry that they will dehydrate due to lack of water. There is another aspect. There are minute thorns or spikes which are a nuisance if they impale your hands. One has to be careful while tending to them.

My husband didn’t like them. He used to think keeping Cacti in your home brings on a calamity such as death. I would allay his feelings and brush off his fears.

I did keep a lot of them. A time came because of my husband I gave away my huge variety of cactuses. As plants it is easier to look after them as they don’t need copious amount of water. They are happy in their dry state.

Once a small, minute thorn got stuck in one of my fingers. It was painful. I didn’t have time to take it out. My mistake, you can say. We were expecting guests and there was work to do.

Later on when I found a moment to spare, I took a look. I couldn’t see it clearly. I asked my husband to look at it. He put on his specs and peered at it. He couldn’t see it either. It was so minute. It was there. I could feel the throbbing pain. I prodded at it with a needle, spearing my finger in and around it. Finally I managed to extricate it.

Ah the blissful moment. The relief was momentous.

Images Credit: Google.
A Sigh Of Relief

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