Daily Prompt: Fright Night
Do you like being scared by books, films and surprises? Describe the sensation of being scared, and why you love it or don’t.
Show Frightening.


I don’t like being scared. As a child while reading scary stories I would get too scared, convinced that the characters inside the stories would come and get me. At night I would burrow inside the bed cover to hide from scary creatures.

Even as an adult I can’t watch horror movies or television series. Sometimes I get brave enough to watch it with my family. It is a total NO when I am on my own.

Once I was watching a movie in which a spider gets transported here from South America’s forest. The spider quickly multiplies and people start dying. No one can fathom as to why it’s happening. I was watching a scene in which the spider drops on a person. At that moment I let out a blood curling scream and jumped to my feet madly brushing away at my clothes.

I like Stephen King’s books. He is the King of Horrors. After reading two and a half of his books I decided It would be better for my heart if I stop reading them. Pity I can’t read his books.

I remember, “The Shining” the three part television miniseries. For me it was too painful to watch and I couldn’t stay away. It was the same when I watched, “Storm of the Century.” My heart thudded painfully in my chest and I was petrified with fear.

In May 2010 we went to Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, Virginia. Their 3D enactments were good. In one of the castle I took off my 3D glasses to escape from the fear of frightening creatures coming near me.

It is strange one does not feel any fear watching, “Pirates of the Caribbean,” and it’s Sequels though Johnny Depp plays an undead person.

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