The Unknown

Daily Prompt: Release Me
Tell about the blog you were most nervous to publish– and what it was like to set it free.
Show FREE.


I was nervous when I started to write for the first time on WordPress. My nerves were jittery. What to write? My writing skills were zero. My school and college days were memories of the past. Correct grammar was forgotten. English is not my first language. At home my husband and I conversed with each other in Pushto. With people who didn’t know Pushto, we talked in Urdu. My English was now practically dripping with rust and grime.

The WordPress was an unknown entity too. I was venturing into an un- revealed world. Taking my first steps were scaring and shaky. I felt as if I was going to fall down on my face. It was like rediscovering English and making the grey cells in my brain stir from their deep sleep.

Believe me, they didn’t feel like moving, even a little bit. I kept my prodding. They made weary sighs of weariness but I looked the other way. Years of disuse had taken their toll. They were mush. I kept on, relentless in my pursuit.

It was a beginning. I gave my first writing the caption, “Beginning.”

This is how my journey of writing with WordPress started. It set me FREE.

Free to discover the world of blogging.

The Unknown

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