A Torment To Bear

Daily Prompt: Sad But True
Tell about the harshest, most difficult to hear .. but accurate .. criticism you’ve ever gotten. Does it still apply?


I like criticism. It spurs you to improvement in yourself. When criticism is done in a right manner, it’s helpful. Like a teacher who points out your mistakes in class work, home work and tests, you strive harder and try to achieve better marks.

Most people criticize others to belittle them. These petty minded creatures derive pleasure from other people’s pain. They criticize you in front of an audience to savor the embarrassment and look of pain on your face. They must be getting a feeling of satisfaction in their embittered hearts.
I think such people are vindictive, mean and heartless.

If you haven’t come across such a person, you are one lucky guy!

If you are a true friend and you would like to say something you will say it in a private moment, not wanting other people to notice what you are saying. You will wait to be alone with each other. When criticism is done in front of an audience the only objective must be ridicule and disapproval.

If you continually criticize a person, it leads to feelings of misery and dejection. If these feelings persist, it can lead to depression.

I am trying to remember my moments of embarrassment. I am not recalling, so I must have sub- consciously blocked hurtful memories.

My number one critic is my daughter. She gives it to me straight and without mincing words or sugar coating them to soften the ax she let’s fall on my head. Sometimes I do find it is true but most of the time she does have pre conceived and distorted views of me. I find this very daunting and it does gets me down

In my family I am the shortest in height. God compensated in giving me looks and intelligence. While growing up I was too young to comprehend other people’s motives. My In- laws would continuously point out the flaw in me. Probably they felt it was God given right or something. It was hurtful.

I have written about this in one of my earlier blog, https://flowersandbreezes.wordpress.com/2013/07/06/I’m-not-short/

I think, in desperation I wanted to go through surgery. I had read that this type of surgery was done in China. Thank God I couldn’t possibly go to China, otherwise I don’t know what would have happened to my legs and how I would have ended up.

I am happy as I am.

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A Torment To Bear

8 thoughts on “A Torment To Bear”

      1. Mama Dearest, I am trying to look after your best interests and would like you to have the same fulfilling life that you had back home when you were in Peshawar. That’s why I advised you to do less daily prompting, more outings, more conversations and keeping the iPad behind. I do understand the drawbacks of living at someone else’s home and not having your own transportation, though. Best of Luck 🙂 Your tormentous daughter.


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