Having FunTo Make Fun

Daily Prompt: Express Yourself
Tell about a time you couldn’t quite get your words or images what you wanted to express. What do you think the barrier was? For bonus points, try again.


This is the time for me again. I am finding it difficult to project words onto paper to depict my thoughts. Some people talk about “Freedom Of Expression.”

What Freedom of Expression they talk about?

The Freedom to hurt fellow Humans through their religion.

Why the “Discrimination” against “Muslims?”

I have yet to find a cartoon against any other religion. There are so many bad people around us of different religions. Do anyone make cartoons or jokes about their religions?

No ………….. So why the Muslim’s Prophet Hazrut Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) is singled out?

We love him. He was the last Prophet on earth sent by God. We revere him.

I am shedding “Tears of Despair” and my heart aches on seeing the derogatory cartoons depicting our Prophet (Peace be upon Him) as a dog and a terrorist.

When you are making fun of our Prophet (Peace be upon Him) you are making fun of God.

How? Because the One, True God made him a prophet.

With him ended the long line of Prophets. That’s why he is known as Khatim ul Nabiyeen, “The End of Prophets.”

We hold him in the highest esteem imaginable. It is forbidden in our religion to make images of him or the other Prophets before him.

Today, while searching to find jokes I came across these despicable beings. I don’t feel like calling them humans. I think they are sub species having nothing better to do.

To gain instant notoriety, the degenerative things jump on the band wagon to have fun at hurting others. Their pea brains have stopped functioning.

Please don’t make fun of our Prophet. Peace be upon Him.

Is this too much to ask?

Having Fun To Make Fun

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