Not Enough Sleep

Daily Prompt: Breakdown
Tell about a habit you’d like to break. Is there anyway it can play a positive role in your life?


My bad habit is not having enough sleep. I start remembering so many things which I didn’t get done. At the same time all my worries crowd my brain. They rise to the surface or I can say they come to the forefront of my thoughts.

Probably the onset of night brings on all my insecurities to life. I do get a bit pessimist when night takes over day.

Before I sleep I have to say my night prayers. I should get my prayers done when I finish my walk, but my super lazy self takes over. It tells me to take a few minutes break. This break then extends into hours.

I feel tired after my walk so I sit down and browse through the Internet or start reading a book. I forget I have to say my prayers and go to bed. In between when I look at my watch, I realize to my horror that it is late.

I rush and say my prayers which I should have done in the first place. Finally I am done. Onward to bed and worries take over. I try to banish negative thoughts. I plump my pillow and turn on my side to get sleep.

Then it is the turn of sleep to elude me.

Aaron Riddle’s Sketch.
Not Enough Sleep

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