I Need God

Daily Prompt: The Golden Hour
6.00 AM: The best hour of the day, or too close to your 3.00 AM bedtime?
Show DAWN.

However late I sleep, due to my own bad habit of not getting to bed on time, I usually wake up around five in the morning.
Why? Because I need to go to the bathroom otherwise it will be hogged by H, my grandson. He then very kindly occupies it for the next thirty minutes. So I have to time it to be the first. The third one Sn keeps on banging at the bathroom door, simultaneously yelling at H to hurry up otherwise both of them will be late for the school bus.

The reason I have to be early is, I have to get up and say my Fajr Prayer and so my day begins.
My Poem.

Dawn begins with a prayer
A prayer to the Almighty Being
He is my God, my anchorage
To Him in the end I’ll be going

I need God, He doesn’t need me
I have to pray for my own salvation
The early dawn I need to pray
To remember, to give thanks and then I am done

To confess: I am groggy in the morning if I don’t get the needed quota of sleep to replenish myself.


I Need God

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