The Seven Words

Daily Prompt: Seven Wonders
Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words. What would your seven words be?


The seven words can be: Yes, No, Eat, Drink, Work, Leave and Sleep.


Yes or No, because you have to make decisions all the time. These two words will say that you agree or disagree. I have come across many people who use these words when they don’t have a common language for using. Yes and No are the two basic words often used.


You have to Eat and Drink to stay alive. These words are important in dealing with that aspect.


You have to work all your life, whether it is working at home or going for work outside and earning a living. So this word is important too.


The sixth word is Leave. You are leaving home, going to work or leaving a place, you have to use the word or indicate it.


The last one: Sleep. We do need to sleep. Sleep takes seven to eight hours from the twenty four hours cycle.

So Folks that should suffice us. It will simplify our life. We won’t have any need to hack our brains to pieces on learning how to communicate with each other. We won’t be talking. That will reduce the noise pollution. There won’t be any disagreements so that will end the strife going on around the world. There will be Peace.


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The Seven Words

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