No Woman Driver


My daughter lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Women are not allowed to drive there. A woman is totally dependent on her husband to take her to get things done. If he is not available then she has to call a taxi. Monthly expenditures on taxis are high which cuts a hole in your budget.

My son in law has a great sense of humor. He sent me this uTube video he came across. I wanted to share it.

8 thoughts on “No Woman Driver”

    1. My daughter is always complaining when my son in law who is a doctor goes to Jeddah. She needs to buy groceries, she has to go to her children’s school or anyone is sick, she waits for her husband or if the need is greater she calls a taxi. To her own job she commutes via a bus.


      1. My husband and I split up responsibilities for our three kids. It’s only practical, when we have three kids, that sometimes we go in opposite directions, for the good of the whole family. Our kids all study two instruments and play sports (or ballet in my daughter’s case). Birthday parties, math, playdates, we have to divide up or limit activities.


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