At World’s End

Daily Prompt: Eat, Drink and Be Merry
— for tomorrow we die. The world is ending tomorrow. Tell about your last dinner — the food, your dinning companions, the setting, the conversation.


If the world is ending tomorrow I will be too scared to eat or do anything else.
At first I will be unbelieving. Is this true? I will be asking everyone.
My thoughts will be on tomorrow.
What’s going to happen?
Will it be too painful?

I will be walking up and down, feeling too jittery to eat, sit or sleep.


My heart will feel heavy. I will be feeling dreadful.
I will call my children and say a final good bye.
I will take a bath and wear my prettiest clothes. After that I will recite all the invocations I know. I will seek God’s forgiveness again and again. To calm myself I will read the Quran.

At day’s end I will be completely worn out. Probably by then I will be resigned to what’s going to happen. I may be feeling pangs of hunger. So I will have whatever is available. I will say my night prayer and lie down to sleep.
At World’s End

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