The Slaps

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A week earlier at a party, I met a fascinating woman S. This is a real happening which she told me.
Years before she moved to US, she lived in an apartment in Karachi, Pakistan. She had a servant employed for household chores. I don’t remember his name. For the story purpose lets call him V.

For some reason V wanted to quit. S coaxed him to tell her the reason. At first he refused but then he told her fearfully that every night someone passes by him and give him slaps. After getting woken up this way every night he was fed up.

Not wanting him to leave S asked her son to look into the matter. The coming night S’s son slept on a couch in the living room and made V sleep on a carpet beside him. They had a peaceful night. The next morning when V was asked whether he was slapped, his answer was, “No.”

After a few days V went to sleep in the hallway, his old place where he used to sleep. That night he again got slaps.

S told him not to sleep in the hallway, but V had made up his mind to leave. So V quitted his job.

More about V tomorrow.
The Slaps


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