The Spook Who Prayed

If you are reading this story please read “The Slaps” first.

This was before V quit his job with my new friend S.

It was evening time and S was in the kitchen. V was working with her in preparing the evening meal. S’s son was saying his prayers in the living room. V saw a very tall person in white robes praying along with S’s son.

V was a little intrigued and wanted to look at the guest as to who he was. He came a bit nearer to peek at the mystery man. At that moment the man turned his head and looked directly at V. The man had terrible red eyes. V was chilled to the bones and he shivered with fright.

V turned tail and hastily made it to the kitchen. He asked S for the identity of the tall man. She was astonished as she was not expecting any guest. Neither was she aware of anyone coming to dinner. She looked into the living room. She could only see her son praying.

“There is no one there. Are you sure you saw a guest?”

V wanting to check looked into the living room. The red eyed person glared at him again.

The Spook Who Prayed

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