A Cure For Cancer

Daily Prompt: Placebo Effect
If you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why?


If it was possible and I could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment I would go for cancer.

Last year on 2nd Aug 2012 my husband died of cancer. He was diagnosed in Feb 2011 with Signet Ring Carcinoma of stomach. It’s the worse form of cancer.

I have seen first hand what cancer does to a person. The heartache, misery with which one goes through is immense.

My tall, handsome husband became a thin, shriveled, bald headed man. The pain and agony with which he coped was heartbreaking for me.

When I looked at him I would feel miserable at what he was going through. Several times a day I would cry. I would try not to cry in front of him but at times the tears would spill down my cheeks, when I looked at him or was helping him. Even now I am crying at the terrible and dreadful time in my life.

I hope a cure is found. I have read it that a cure has been discovered, but the pharmacy industry and cancer specialists don’t want it known. How will these people forgo to line up their already filled to the brim coffers with more dough from the sick and dying humanity?

A Cure For Cancer

17 thoughts on “A Cure For Cancer”

  1. I’ve had so much cancer in my family, I actually expect I’ll get it. Yet, with all the cancer in aunties & uncles dying away, I’ve not seen personally what a person goes through. It must have been such hell for you. 2011 is still pretty recent. To have “the worst form” feels nasty indeed, just vicious. Yet this was a positive post. Sincere regards.


  2. Cancer is a terrible disease. I just found out one of my blogger friend is suffering from it.I was so shocked and felt so helpless. I wrote if I was allowed one wish,I would say,”Please God, don’t let any one get sick in this world”. It’s so painful to bear.
    All my best wishes are for you.I understand your pain,I have gone through it myself.


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