Daily Prompt: It Builds Character
Tell about a favorite character from film, theater or literature, with whom you’d like to have a heart to heart. What would you talk about?


Once upon a time …………. I did have quite a collection of books. They were all hard covers — the originals. They must be very valuable now.

Oh my beloved books! Where are they now? Who got hands on them?
I know but I fear if I go for confrontation that person may deny.

As a child I read all the great classics. I think they didn’t escape my clutches. I read , ‘Gone With The Wind,’ when I was thirteen. That’s way long ago. My memory lapses, so please forgive me on any mistakes.

My favorite character was Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With The Wind.


She was vivacious, pretty and a feisty person. I don’t want to sound disloyal, but she was dumb at quite a few places. She made bad decisions at moments. She should have pulled back from various situations which she didn’t.

She fell in love with a wrong person … Ashley.

Got married to a man she didn’t love.

Snatched her sister’s beau.

Anyway the person I would like to talk is Rhett Butler.

I just want to ask him.

Why did you give up on Scarlett?

When you love a person you should tell at the earliest opportunity. Why didn’t you???

You left my heroine. It caused me heartache.

You Are Guilty Rhett, do you agree?
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