Who Is My Guru?

Daily Prompt: Cheering Section
Do you have a mentor? Tell. Are you a mentor to someone else? Tell what that relationship has added to your life.


Yes I do have a mentor. Who is he?
He is my son. Before him my husband was my chief adviser.
I turn to my son for advice now. Back home I often used to ask my brother in law’s wife for advice.
I consulted my elder brother too. Sometimes I turned to my friends for their opinions.

I find advices and criticisms, both are helpful. You can weigh in your mind which advice will be best for you and make your own decision. Similarly if your best friend criticize you in private, you can always find the truth in it and follow it accordingly.

If someone ask me for advice, I always give my honest opinion. It’s for the other person to follow or reject it.

Who Is My Guru?

9 thoughts on “Who Is My Guru?”

      1. Women need each other. I will wish for you to find another woman to talk with. And walk with. Your son would benefit from your increased happiness, too. 🙂


  1. My next door neighbor is young with three small kids. She doesn’t need to walk. The other four are nurses who sleep during day and go for work at night. Next is a Chinese who walks with her husband. The two women I am friends with live hours away. I can walk by myself but my son scares me with news and talks of bad people although in desperation I do walk by myself when my son is not available.


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