In Ten Years

Daily Prompt: About Page Of The Future
Write the About page for your blog in 10 yrs.


I live my life day to day. I don’t look into the future. To me it seems scary. I do hope for the best.

I can’t picture myself that far so I can’t write the About page. If I am alive by then and look back I may chide myself why didn’t I look ahead.

At the moment I can’t think to that far ahead and what I will be writing.

Wait there is a knock. My son enters, “Mama, please come down for breakfast”.

The second knock. My grandson H doesn’t come in, stands in the doorway, “Dado, come and have your breakfast.

The third knock. The younger IB enters, come nears me, pear into the iPad, “Come down,” and skips to the door.

Now my son is calling from downstairs, “Mama it’s getting cold”. I better get up.

Whatever I was thinking has disappeared into the dim recesses of my mind.

Hopefully I may improve in what I write ……….

In Ten Years

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