Scrabble To Play

Daily Prompt: The Perfect Game
You are set to play poker (or Scrabble or something else …) with a group of four. Write a story set during this game. Or describe the ideal match, the players, the relationships — and hidden rivalries.


The children were getting bored, so we all sat down to play Scrabble. I hurriedly removed mats to one side of the dinning table and put the used plates, forks and knives in the sink. I opened the Scrabble board and let the children first to take out the seven tiles each.

I guess IB being the youngest and I (the oldest) were the weak players. I do have a tendency to forget words when I need them most. They disappear somewhere and I keep floundering like a swimmer in a deep ocean. Where as a swimmer would hang on for dear life I try to hang on to words to increase my score. It is a wasted effort.

The children having the English language as their first language have an edge on me. They easily beat me with their vocabulary. Playing with them IB is no help. When it’s IB’s turn I have to help him too. Tears of frustration fill his eyes easily when he sees his elder brothers scoring over him. I have to encourage him every step of the way. Since I have to think for two people I lag behind. I do get a dismal score.

For me the satisfaction lies in IB learning new words. His vocabulary increases and he keeps away from playing meaning less games on electronic devices.

Scrabble To Play

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