Flying First Time

Daily Prompt: Come Fly With Me
Share a story about the farthest you’ve ever travelled from home.


Before marriage I had never travelled far from home. My wedding took place at Lahore, Pakistan. My husband R had come for marriage from Rajshahi. (Formerly East Pakistan now Bangla Desh)

Mine was an arranged marriage. A year earlier my father had died. He had promised my hand in marriage to R.

A large number of relatives were invited for the occasion. A week earlier my older brother got married, and now it was my turn. I was curious as to how R looked like. He was having dinner with my elder uncle in the verandah, where dinning tables had been arranged for guests.

I was looking at R through the curtains, when my aunt entered the room. She scolded me for being shameless. I quickly made my escape, thoroughly embarrassed at getting caught.

Two weeks later, I boarded the plane with R for Dhaka. It was my first flight.  I was sad at leaving behind my brothers and sister. I felt queasy on the flight as there was air turbulence.


Dhaka is a great city. There are relics of the past like the old building above. It is known as the City of Mosques. To me the sights and smells were strange. From Dhaka we travelled by train and boats to reach Rajshahi.

To me it seemed an unending journey. Along the way we had to change a couple of boats. I soon enough lost track of it. The country side was a brilliant shade of green foliage, and a musty smell of water was prevalent in the air.

Finally our journey came to an end, and we reached Rajshahi. I was tired and wanted to lie down on a bed, but R wanted to show me our home. The two servants were excited to see me and greeted me with smiles.

Flying First Time

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