The endless desert stretched ahead. Putting one foot in front of the other was torturous. His water was finished. The sun beat mercilessly upon his head. At that moment he would have given or promised anything for a glass of cold water.

He had lost his sense of direction. As he lay in the sand he thought back to his mother and sister. His mother had beseeched him not to go on his latest adventure but as usual he had paid no heed. So this was it. He would die and by the time someone came across only a skeleton would lie upon the sand. His heart was full of regrets.

How could he be so stupid as to come alone. He prayed to God as he had never prayed before. To save him and take him back home.

As he lay slowly dying he saw water ahead shimmering in the desert sand. He tried to inch forward. Lassitude came over him. There was no strength left. He put himself in the Hands of God and closed his eyes.

He could hear his mother’s voice, ” You are going to be late.”

He opened his eyes and saw he was lying on his bed. His mother was standing in the doorway looking at him.




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