Daily Prompt: Love to Love You
What do you love most about yourself? What do you love most about your favorite person? Are the two connected?
Show LOVE.


What do I love most about myself?
That got me thinking. I had never thought that way. I think when others love you the way you are, it is they who know what they love about you.

That said I kept thinking what do I like about myself.
The answer is ……….. I don’t know.

I can tell you who I love.
I love my children and their kids.
They love me back. That’s my assumption. 😊

My husband got attracted to me was how I looked. Later on he loved me because I was his wife, mother of his children and his life companion.

My children love me because I am their mother. I have brought them up. Guided and helped them grow into two lovely human beings, and I feel proud about them how they turned out to be.

I remember I used to lie between them when it was their sleep time. Both would hold one of my hands in their small ones. My son wouldn’t sleep. He would keep my hand tightly in his and wouldn’t let go. My hands would go stiff but I would keep waiting till they fell into deep sleep.

I asked my son, “What do you love about me?”
His reply is too mushy for words. 😁. I cringe ….
His answer: “Because you are my mother.” Further what he said:
“You took care of me when I was small. You were always loving and caring.
You encouraged me to study and be good.
You used to make my favorite dishes.
When I was sick, you took care of me.
You baked me cakes and cookies.

You were my friend and I could discuss everything with you.
You were the person to whom I told my secrets.
You used to save me from father’s wrath.”

And the last reason:
“You helped me in finding me my beautiful, green eyed wife.”With this he looked lovingly towards his wife who started laughing.

To get an answer from my daughter I phoned.
My grand daughter M2 picked up. My daughter was not at home so I asked M2, “Why do you love me?”
Her answer made my day.
“You are sweet and you are caring!”

And finally I did get my daughter’s reply and that was she loves me because I am her mother.

Why do I have a sinking feeling that there should have been more ……….

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