I’m Confused

Daily Prompt: Land Of Confusion
Tell about a time when you felt out of place.


A letter to iPhone5 s:
I wanted to write to you earlier but I was in a state of confusion. Why do I say I was? I’m still confused.
This confusion is giving me mental agony.

Let me make a confession. I hope I don’t feel embarrassment later on.
I like you.
I want you.
You are like no other I have come across.
You are the planet on which I want to build my virtual home, my aspirations and my hopes for future.
Alas! I long for you.

With your help I may feel serenity. I may get back my confidence with you in my shoulder bag.

Now wait I have to decide between you and Samsung N7100 GSM. It’s bigger and has a stylus.

I like you, but I don’t. I want you,but I don’t. I’m fine, but I’m not. None of it matters, but it does.

Life is so confusing. What we want, we can’t decide.

I’m confused.

I’m Confused

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