Moments Of Fear

Daily Prompt: Fright Night
What’s the thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it?
Show Frightening.


When I was a child I was frightened of darkness. I would fear ghosts or spirits and I would fear dead people. If someone died I wouldn’t go and I would try to avoid going there if I could.

Before my husband died I didn’t like going upstairs at night. There was an unknown dread. Actually fear grew in my heart because of my daughter telling me she is frightened of the lounge and passage way leading to the terrace outside. So an unknown fear mushroomed in my heart.

My washing machine was fixed in the upstairs kitchen which we added later on to our house. My ironing table was there too, otherwise the kitchen was empty.

Before going to bed I would remember that I haven’t removed my washed clothes from the machine. Armed with a light in case of the electricity (a common occurance) going off, I would head upstairs.

I would usually call my husband, “Honey I am going upstairs.”

This was just to tell him if I feel frightened he should come and rescue me.

Sometimes I would forget taking a light with me and then I would stand petrified till my husband hurried and put a light or candle on the stairs to chase away the dark.

Till his last days when he was too sick to move he would get up from bed, put a light on the stairs and call me, “Are you okay?”

I was filled with dread thinking when I am all alone how I am going to fare???

The children left after his funeral.

The day came when I was alone in the house. As usual I had forgotten to take a light with me when suddenly the lights went off.

It was really strange. God had come to my rescue.

The fear had gone away.
Moments Of Fear

13 thoughts on “Moments Of Fear”

  1. Thank you for writing this. I liked reading it.I hope you are doing okay.I totally understand your belief, God helped you. I went through the same type of fear. My daughter went out of town,I began to dread being alone while she was away.Amazingly enough I felt as if all the lights are on and someone was telling me,'[you have nothing to fear’. I was relieved and thought I was getting Divine help.


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