My First Friend

Tell about your first friend.

My father was an Army Officer. Obviously we never used to stay for long at any place. My memory fails at recalling my first friend.

I have a dim memory of a girl living next door. We played together with dolls. Then I remember a girl in Class One. But my father got posted after six months, so I have forgotten her name as well. Later on the whole class was my friend leaving out boys.

From Class Four onwards I was best friend with P Khan. The whole class called her P. Actually her name was Perveen.

We were inseparable. She would come home with me to stay. We shared our lunches. Mostly she would bring special treats for me made by her mother. Those were the days we (my siblings and I) had acquired our step mother.

Both of us used to feel if we parted our hearts would fail but that proved otherwise.

Our friendship continued through the first year of college. My father died of heart attack suddenly. We (my brothers, sister and I) got shifted to another city to live with our elder uncle. He became our guardian.

P and I continued being friends through letters to each other.

I missed P. I would talk about her to my cousins. My cousins thought that maybe P is a boy that’s why I only say P. They were very suspicious. They wouldn’t believe me till I showed her photo to them. At the back of the photo her full name was written.

Gradually our letters to each other petered out. Now she is just a memory in my heart.
My First Friend



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