DIY And Safety

Daily Prompt: Safety First
Share the story of a time you felt unsafe.


It was the year our house was fourteen years old. It had started to look shabby. I wanted new carpets and a new lick of paint for the house. It was falling on deaf ears.

My husband was, “What?”

You repeat yourself.

Again another, “What? To me it looks perfectly all right as it is.”

Then, ” Who is going to move all these things around?” Gesturing towards the furniture.

“I don’t have the stamina. Don’t expect me to do anything. Whatever you want done, do it yourself,” and so on.

I did get money for new carpets, but there was no sign of paints and men to do the job. Un deterred I dipped into my own money for paints, brushes and other items needed.

Looking at my kitchen walls they looked more grey than white with years of grime and dust. I spent a lot of my time in the kitchen and it looked depressing. I watched television, curled up on the built in kitchen seat. My reading was done there too. That place was my heaven on earth.

I started on the paint job myself. I had never done it before, so I was a novice. I learnt as I worked. It was scary to climb the ladder as the walls were fifteen feet high. I was always scared that I might fall down and break my legs,arms or some other part of myself.

I tried to be extra careful. When I would move the ladder I would see to it that all the four feet were firmly on the floor. I double checked that they won’t wobble when I climbed up.

I did all the rooms except the kitchen. The walls needed extra cleaning. For that my husband did call a man to do it.

Finally my home looked brighter and sparklingly clean. When everything was in place I did breath a sigh of relief and happiness.
DIY And Safety

17 thoughts on “DIY And Safety”

  1. Thank you for this,I am glad you tried it.I am sure you did the right thing by painting yourself.I won’t be able to do something I never did before.You have a lot of courage,Bravo!


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