Play Time

Daily Prompt: Play Time
Do you play in your daily life? What says “play time” to you?
Show PLAY.

I B playing Minecraft.

When I was too busy I would find time to play games on Nintendo, Wii or on my PC. It used to be between 4 to 5 pm. At that time my husband would go for playing golf. This time was my fun time.

Now when I have all the time in the world I have lost my zest for playing any games. Occasionally I play Blitz or Unblock Me.

When my children were home we used to enjoy playing Chess, Scrabble and Snakes and ladders. We would play Chess for hours. My daughter would checkmate me. That would spur me into another round. I would think maybe this time I might win. There was no such luck. We would go another round but I could never beat her at Chess.

This year in January I visited my daughter. Her elder daughter M1 was home. Both of them played Chess. My daughter was the loser every time. After losing she would challenge M1 to another round. Lady Luck didn’t smile on her. My daughter would renew her efforts to win. It reminded me of myself.

Play is a necessity. It relieves boredom, stress and depression.
Play Time

11 thoughts on “Play Time”

  1. When our teenagers have friends over, we usually play Apples to Apples. Once when just our family was playing that game, my husband played a card that made him start laughing so hard, he got to where he couldn’t breathe, started leaning over in his chair and actually passed out on the floor. I am laughing as I write this; it was so hilarious!!


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