Shaky Confidence

Daily Prompt: I Have Confidence In Me
Are you good at what you do? What would you like to be better at?


I am not a very confident person. I try to be confident. I bolster up my shaky walls of confidence with prep talks to myself. People have no inkling of what I go through because on the outside I show a face full of confidence.

As a girl I was full of confidence. It was because of my father and my school teachers. They were very encouraging. I think because of my father’s love for me I was full of confidence. Similarly my teachers high praise was a boost to my confidence in myself.

After my father’s death I started getting disparaging jolts from my aunt and cousins. Ten months later my marriage took place. My self confidence further receded. My mother in law and my husband’s relatives eroded it with a fanatic zeal. To my dismay my husband was a party to it too.

Gradually as I grew older I became wiser to unjust criticism. People in the guise of sweetness gnaw at a person’s self confidence. Such people get satisfaction in their jabs at other people.

Once I grew wise I learnt to:
Keep away from them.
Not returning their visits.
By not talking to them except the basic, hello or hi.
Gradually stopped meeting them.

That’s how I stopped being victimized by so called relatives and friends.

The benefits. I got back a little of my self confidence back.

I found:
People who love you and show their love to you give you confidence.
One should have determination and disregard for obstacles and other people’s criticism.
Belief in myself that if I set out to achieve anything I can do it.

Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. Confidence is my great friend now.
Shaky Confidence



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