Close Call

Daily Prompt: Close Call
Tell about a bullet you’re glad you dodged — when something awful almost happened but didn’t.


A few years back I had a close call. It wasn’t life threatening. Fortunately I didn’t sever my fingers.

I had two pots bubbling merrily on the cooking range. One contained our afternoon lunch and the other one had a mixture of tomatoes and other ingredients. I had a surplus of tomatoes from the kitchen garden, so I was making tomato ketchup.

I was in a hurry to finish my work. The last ingredient to be added to the mixture was vinegar. I looked into the kitchen cupboard for it. The bottle had very little left in it. I began my search in the pantry. Finally I located it. I breathed a sigh of relief at finding it. I had gotten worried at that moment that I won’t have any more vinegar at home.

The bottle was sealed. To break the seal I tackled it with a knife.

Actually my tomato mix was drying up. The vinegar was the last ingredient to be added to it and that’s why I was in a hurry.

I should have switched off the heat and then tried to open the bottle coolly and calmly and not in a hurried manner. But you know when trouble comes it comes with a capital T.

The knife slipped and it straight away plunged into my hand. The knife was very sharp. I was looking at a huge gash between the thumb and fore finger of my left hand.

The blood dripped like a faucet turned on. Believe me it was terrifying. I felt nauseous at the sight of it. At that moment there was no one present to help me. I dialed my husband to come home immediately.

He came quickly and took me to the hospital. I looked the other way when the doctor was stitching my hand. After that I had a tetanus injection.

Later on I was expecting a long lecture and scolding from my husband for being careless with a knife. Seeing my hand must have shaken him. For once he didn’t say anything.
Close Call



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