Bad Hair Day

Tell about the last thing you hid.


I have delved into my memory but I am not coming up with anything I have hidden from someone.

Eight years back I stopped going to a hair salon, I used to go for a hair cut. I had been going there for fifteen years. I would go there after every two and a half months depending upon my hair. If they were out of shape I would go earlier.

If there was a wedding or a party among relatives or friends, then I would go to have a hair trim.

This salon was run by a Chinese family. The mother in law and her two daughters in law worked. Sophia, one of the daughter in law would cut my hair. In the beginning she took time to cut my hair . Then to squeeze in more customers she would hurriedly attend to me. I kept short hair. My hair needed a trim only, not drastic cutting.

Whenever I went to her, I came back dissatisfied. The last time I went it was a total disaster. She made me a scarecrow. My hair was so badly cut. I felt like crying.After that I never went back to her.

Now you must be wondering what did I hide?

I hid my hair from my husband. My husband was a big jokester. Thankfully it was winter and terribly cold. So he was none the wiser.
Bad Hair Day



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