Wish List

Tell us about the one luxury item you wish you could afford, in as much a detail as you can. Paint a picture for us.


At the top of my Wish List this moment are not one but two items.
1. A House.
2. A Car.

I am terrible at decisions. I left years ago all important decisions to my husband.

If I needed something I would express my wish. Sometimes when that wish was way too expensive I would forget about it.

My wish would keep on circulating in my husband’s brain. I would forget but he would remember, and usually a day would come when I was handed over what I wanted.

Now left to myself I agonize whether I am making a correct decision.

I am searching for a house. Buying anything is becoming dearer. The sale price keeps going up. Where I like a house, my son is more likely to object that the locality is not safe. I keep living in a limbo waiting we both agree on every aspect of it.

Now about my second wish. I would like a new car with years of no problems.
Check: Both my children advise against it. It will standing in the driveway for months in the sun. When I am not here anyone can drive it and I won’t be paying a higher insurance rate.
I won’t get a jolt to my heart if anyone dents it. I won’t worry.

So I am waiting …. The search goes on.

My Poem.
A house, a car are on my waiting list
When I acquire them, that will be it

Searching and looking may bear fruit
The joy I will feel will follow suit

I am not in a hurry, can do a long wait
When God wants to give me that will be a date


Wish List

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