Never Again

Daily Prompt: Hear No Evil
Tell about a conversation you couldn’t help but over hear and wish you hadn’t.

My two children were very young at that time. My husband was as usual sitting somewhere on the border. He would visit us after a fourteen days gap for a day and night. The time would pass so quickly and then he would go back to his unit.

To pass the time the wives would meet each other. One evening I was playing with my children in our back yard when there was a bell. Two of the seniors’ wives had decided to pay me a visit.

We chatted for a while and then I got up and excused myself to make tea for them. After rounding up some eatables and tea I headed towards the living room. I froze in the doorway. One of them was calling me a liar. Why?

Earlier she had asked me about my expenses. Although I didn’t like her questioning me, I had explained to her that there was no saving from my husband’s pay. Whatever he gave me was spent by the end of the month. Actually at that time my husband was paying his younger two brothers college fees and board and lodging. It would take a huge chunk out of his pay.

Why she would doubt me that I don’t know. It left a bad taste in my mouth. After having tea they left. A month later my husband’s transfer came and we departed for a new location. I didn’t have to meet that lady again.
Never Again


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