Five Items

What are the five items you must have on a deserted island?


Just visualizing myself on a deserted island gave me the creeps. If this happens in reality I think I will have a heart attack there and then. Good! It will be the end of me, isn’t it?

First of all a knife is a must to have in such a situation. A knife has multiple uses. You can defend yourself plus need it for cutting anything.

Second thing: I would like to have are matches.

Third important item is an ax. It will be handy in building a shelter for myself.

Toothpaste and soap. I feel miserable if my teeth are not brushed. With a foul smelling mouth I will be in the dungeons.

Water and a water container is another necessity.

All this has been depressing. I am a creature of comfort. Going for two days I pack a suitcase full of things I think I may need. My husband would ask me sarcastically when we would leave our home, “Anything left in the house?”

I hope to God, I am never ever shipwrecked.
Five Items

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