The Big Moment

Daily Prompt: Fifteen Minutes
You have 15 minutes to address the whole world live (on television or radio – choose your format). What would you say?
Show The Big Moment.


First of all I will be sweating and feeling tongue tied trying to get out of it. Seeing no way out of it, this is what I am going to say on World News on television.

Hello Everyone! Here is SHEEN.
(At the same time I will be moping my forehead)

It’s a pleasure to get this opportunity to speak to you. (Inwardly I will be trying to quell the rising panic).

Let’s do all to promote peace and goodwill towards each other in this world. Let’s not spread hatred. God made us different in color and race but underneath we are all the same. We are all equal in God’s eyes. No one is above the other.

If we all strive for peace on this earth, it can be done. I would like to appeal to all the great leaders in the world to readdress issues causing conflict and war. If they remove wrong doings Peace and Prosperity will reign on this beautiful earth. We all know more money and lives are lost in wars. Let’s spend that money for the benefit of Humanity not in destruction of human lives and property.

Please let’s get together and iron out our differences so that there is PEACE.

That’s my heart’s deepest WISH.
May God protect us from wrongdoings and lead us to Peace. Amen.
Thank You and Bye.
The Big Moment

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